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Population - 50,497

Size of Community - 209.3 mi.

School District - Galveston Independent School District.

Private Schools - Heritage Christian Academy, Holy Family Catholic School, Trinity Episcopal School.

Average Sales Price - $344,621

The history of Galveston began in 1816 when Europeans discovered the islands. In 1825, the congress of Mexico named it The Port of Galveston. The city served as a main port during the Texas Revolution. The Battle of Galveston took place during the Civil War as the Confederates were trying to get the Union out of Galveston. At one time Galveston was the largest city in Texas.

Two major attractions in Galveston are the museums and the beach. Galveston has many public beaches for all to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and many other activities . There are fishing piers, beaches and state parks to enjoy. There are historic buildings such as Aston Villa which was the first mansion built on the island, and the Moody Mansion. Other historic properties such as the Galveston Naval Museum, The Railroad Museum and the 1940 Sears building are all open for touring. Galveston has other unique attractions such as the Pleasure Pier, Moody Gardens, Moody Golf Course, Galveston Country Club and Schlitterbahn.

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