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  • Population - 13,693

  • Size of Community - 21.3 Square Miles

  • School District - Clear Creek Independent School District.

  • Private Schools - Alpha Montessori

  • Average Sales Price - $334,888

Ritson Morris obtained the league of land near Seabrook in 1832. One portion of the land was sold to Seabrook W. Sydnor in 1895. Then in 1961, the land became a city that appealed to local farmers, merchants, and fishermen. The city grew when a four-lane highway was constructed years later that connected Galveston and Seabrook along the bay. 

Galveston bay is a large attraction for Seabrook, because of the availability of boating and fishing. There are numerous ocks like the Seabrook Marina and local restaurants like the Classic Cafe. You could also dock your boat at your waterfront house. Because of the amount of docks and boats, fishing is big for the economy of the area and an attraction for the locals. If you are not a fan of boating, there are also ten miles of trails that connect the multiple parks in the area. Area Vibes gave Seabrook the highest livability rating in the area with the crime rate and schools an A+.

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